What To Bring

Because we are a working farm, safety is a top priority with us.

We provide picking containers for the berries and vases and scissors for the flowers.

We want your experience to be fun, adventurous and safe, regardless if this is your 1st or 31st. With that in mind, we have assembled a quick check list for your consideration.

  • clothing: relaxed and comfortable
  • hats: a must
  • shoes: please no flip flops, sandals or open toe
  • sun block: you bet
  • water: absolutely
  • mosquito spray: it wouldn't hurt to bring some
  • cell phones: turn on vibrate mode
  • alcoholic beverages, tobacco, marijuana: not okay
  • pets: please leave at home
  • lunch: bring your own to picnic at our tables
  • forms of payment: credit cards, checks, cash. EBT not yet.

Because we are a working farm, safety is a top priority with us. We ask that your children are always supervised for there can be tractors or other pieces of farm equipment in the area which can be attractive to a child to climb upon. There will be free roaming chickens which become stressed when chased, cats that can scratch if annoyed and a possible crabby pig! All in all we just ask that you use common sense with our barnyard animals.

Proper hand washing is very important especially after handling animals, or before eating or picking fruit. Our hand washing facilities are located in the bathroom on the north side of the barn. We urge you to wash all produce both here at the farm and at home before consumption.

Berry Patch Farms is a certified USDA Organic farm
Colorado Organic

We are a tobacco-free and cannabis-free farm. Please leave your pets at home.