Weekly Update

May 26th


The plaintive cry of the killdeer reaches my ear, even as the north wind blows cold. The sun is warm when it isn’t obscured. The greenhouse is overflowing, the shade house full. Fields are filling, the weeds are growing. The incessant cries of hungry baby birds fill the air. Brazen bunnies graze on the abundant green. Newly planted raspberries wave and bob in the breezes. Wary of the sky, we plant as the fields dry between drenchings. Life has emerged even as spring, summer and winter have converged in this month of May.

Field production has begun and we have more to offer now. Our market will be open from 10 am until 2 pm Saturday, the 27th of May. We are offering fresh spinach, kale, mustard greens, green garlic, scallions, baby broccoli, sweet cabbage, arugula micro-greens and rhubarb along with fresh eggs, grass-fed beef (great for grilling!) and the pork (also great for grilling!) from R Patch O Heaven. By next week, there will be escarole and butterhead lettuces, along with more baby romaine. It is almost time for garlic scapes!

Tomato plants are available now and probably some next week also. Eight varieties of basil will be ready in a week or so, reserve yours now. Various types of eggplants and pepper transplants will also be ready in two weeks. These plants are growing in the finest compost-based organic potting soil and have strong, healthy root systems.

About the berries: the strawberries are setting fruit but it is too soon to accurately predict when picking will commence, given our fluctuating weather. We will keep you posted.

Our hours will expand as more produce comes into season and berry picking commences. We have at least some level of confidence that true summer will begin!

As we enter this Memorial Day weekend, let us truly honor not only those who gave their lives and suffered so much to found this country, to defend it and keep this world safe, but those who live even today with the profound physical and emotional impacts of their service. Please remember, too, the impact of military service on families.


PS: That picture of the funny looking aluminum ice cream cone is really a Hail Cannon which helps in the combat of hail by sending a 200 mph shock wave into the hail clouds, thus shattering the stones into small bits of ice.


May 19th

Claudia writes...

It’s maple twirler time, when the fan-shaped seeds of maple trees whirl and twirl their way from the tree-tops. Sometimes they fall gently like mini-parachutes on a gentle breeze and other times they are sent like buckshot from flailing branches. In my musings, I imagine them feeling a bit dizzy and confused, wondering where they will land as they swirl through the air. I feel that way a bit myself as we swing wildly from very warm to unusual chill, from profound drought to profound wet. Flowers are in bloom weeks before their normal time – and snowed upon. My orderly planting schedule is in a bit of disarray. The calendar says I should have seeded green beans and zucchini, winter squash and be on to melons but a look out the window at falling snow tells me otherwise. It’s a bit disconcerting!

Our market will be open tomorrow, Saturday the 20th of May, from 10 am until 2 pm. We have beautiful scallions, bok choy, some salad mix, sweet cabbages and fresh red rhubarb along with our artisan sun-dried tomatoes, nice assortment of dried beans, local honey, farm-fresh eggs, grass-fed beef and pork and more.

Yes, our offerings are limited this week due to the above noted vagaries in our weather as we transition from the winter high tunnel to the field. I do expect that more will be ready next week if it warms up as predicted.

Hang on to your hat as we twirl our way through this crazy month of May!


I used this template with the colorful flowers to possibly help with the Seattle blahs.

May 12th



The sky has been crying but now the sun is shining. The birds are singing, the earth is greening. May is the month of transition from winter to summer. The wrestling has been going on for months and indeed, snow could yet fly this month but the relentlessly lengthening days will win out. The winter hoophouse is undergoing transformation and vegetable production will shift to the fields over the next several weeks. We strive to have a seamless transition of supply from the hoophouse to the field but that is dependent on our rather erratic (and dramatic!) weather.

Our market will be open this Saturday, May 13th, from 10 am until 2 pm. We are offering our freshly cut salad mix, bok choy, mildly piquant mustard greens, scallions, spinach, sweet cabbage and more. Try bok choy sauteed with scallions, sliced or slivered almonds, garlic and ginger with chicken breast that has been marinated in light soy sauce, olive oil, garlic, ginger and lime juice. Serve over a bed of similarly seasoned brown rice.

If you are grilling for Mom, consider the delicious grass-fed beef from Heartsong or pork from R Patch O Heaven. The wonderful handmade goat’s milk soaps and lotions from Caramel Apple Farm will be much appreciated by Moms everywhere.

Interested in tomato plants? We will be accepting orders starting this week. We have a wide variety to choose from but quantities are limited. Some tomatoes are ready to take home now but I will be happy to care for them here another week or so. Despite some warmer night temperatures, it is not yet safe to put out warm season crops that want both warm soil and night temperatures in the 50’s without significant protection.

So far, there is no snow forecast for Mother’s Day weekend! Hopefully, you will enjoy this beautiful weather while we have it. Feel free to come to the farm Saturday and enjoy seem sunshine, peace and quiet!

Enjoy! Claudia

Do you know what this piece of farm equipment is?

Do you know what this piece of farm equipment is?

May 5th



Our weather has been like a hormonal teenager, swinging wildly between a sunny, sweet disposition to door-slamming tempests and from cold- shouldered to fiery blasts. Or maybe a better analogy is like bull-riding and always trying to anticipate the sudden and unpredictable swings of an enraged animal. Despite the wildness, we are grateful for much-needed moisture. The fields are progressing nicely, the greenhouse is filling with healthy, vigorous plants and the plants in the hoophouse have handled the temperature stress with aplomb. As for us, t-shirts co-mingle with winter jackets...

Our market will be open Saturday, the 6th of May, from 10 am until 2 pm. We invite you to stop by for our beautiful and fresh salad mix, bok choy, scallions, mild and delicious mustard greens, chard, spinach, dense and sweet cabbage, beets and more. Our large selection of delicious dried beans are a healthy, economical and easy way to add great nutrition and flavor to your diet. Hen-fresh eggs from Sweet Pickle and Charlie Wade farms are plentiful. This will be a great grilling weekend so the grass-fed beef from Heartsong will be on sale. Do try the pork from R Patch O Heaven.

As thoughts turn to gardening, we will again have the worm-composted alpaca “poo” that is such a fabulous fertilizer for gardens, containers and houseplants. Wildflower seeds selected especially for our climate that are friendly to pollinators are perfect for tucking in as a Mother’s Day gift.

We will be a offering a nice selection of healthy certified organic plants, primarily tomato, peppers and herbs at proper planting time in the coming weeks. We use an absolutely premium compost-based soil mix and best and most delicious varieties for our climate. You will notice the difference at harvest time!

And it’s off to caring for the fields, greenhouse, hoophouse and harvesting on a beautiful day!


A new art form at Berry Patch.  But what is it??

A new art form at Berry Patch. But what is it??

April 28th


We “bought the farm” nineteen years ago. Much life has been lived on this place during that time, as there was for the centuries before us and will be after we are no longer even a memory. We have been blessed with many special people during these years, each one contributing their unique gifts and personality. We received the sad news today that Cindi, our beloved CSA coordinator and one of the treasured “barn ladies”, lost her battle with cancer. Cindi’s wonderful serving “I can do that” attitude, quick smile and boundless energy have been missed for some months here and now will be missed here forever. She left an indelible mark in our hearts, as she did in many of yours.

Despite the dire sounding forecast, we plan to be open this Saturday, April 29th from 10 am until 2 pm. We had May in February so why not February in May? Classic Colorado. Anyway, we have plenty of fresh stuff like salad mix which we are making available with and without the “extras”, kale, chard, scallions, mustard greens, bok choy and spinach along with plenty of other offerings. We will have the coffee pot on and will do our best to make it worth your while to venture over. This sounds like a great weekend for a big pot of warming soup – we’ve got all the best ingredients.

Of course, if things become truly dire, do check with us 303 659-5050 before heading out.

Spring veggies are popping up all over and the summer veggies and flowers are on their way. Farmer Tim has been a strawberry planting machine and will tackle red raspberries in the next week or so, weather permitting. Cindi would be loving it.


Cynthia Flannery, 1965-2017

Solidarity Then & Now.

Cynthia Flannery


April 21st


The bees are dancing around my hands once again, foraging greedily amongst the bright yellow kale blossoms. A meadowlark sings sweetly from a fencepost in the late afternoon sun. The rich perfume of plum blossoms wafts on the north breezes, their pure white robes a dazzling sight. Tiny seeds are sprouting everywhere and new life is filling the greenhouse. It is truly spring on the farm. Both the workload and joy are increasing as quickly as the days are lengthening!

Our market will be open Saturday, the 15th of April, from 10 am until 2 pm. We are offering our unique salad mix; fresh spinach; the most tender and sweet, mild chard; mustard greens; baby kale for salads, teenage kale for soups and saute and Russian kale for all uses; fresh scallions; flavorful herbs including rosemary, cilantro, mint and dill, rainbow carrots; sweet beets and plenty more. We expect to be well-supplied with fresh eggs from both Sweet Pickle and Charlie Wade farms and are offering Heartsong Farms superb grass-fed beef and R Patch O Heaven pork. Spinach, chard and kale are all wonderful in Easter morning frittatas and other egg dishes. I expect to have enough of the delicious and fresh salad mix for all to enjoy.

Additionally, Alex, one of the main bee keepers at our community apiary here on the farm, will be here offering honey freshly collected from his hives. Yum!!

All of us at the farm are so very grateful for your support of our efforts and to our God for His gracious gifts and provision. Have a blessed Easter!



Berry Patch Farms is a certified USDA Organic farm
Colorado Organic

We are a tobacco-free and cannabis-free farm. Please leave your pets at home.