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Berry Patch Farms is a certified Colorado Organic Farm
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Barn Store:

Our farm market will be open Saturday, the 22nd of April, from 10 am until 2 pm. We are offering plenty of our freshly harvested salad mix (Berry Patch Special Blend). Production is at its peak now and over the next several weeks. It is crisp, colorful and flavorful, well-suited to vinaigrette dressings. Now is the time to break out your flavored vinegars and add olive or nut oils along with some minced shallot. Fresh spinach, baby kale, teenage kale, mildly piquant mustard greens delicious in soups and with eggs, delicate and delicious heirloom chard, scallions, the first of the spring bok choy, beets, lovely colored carrots – try them glazed in a skillet with a tablespoon or so of butter, honey, ginger and thyme; sweet cabbages, celeriac and much more, including fresh cilantro and mint.

Also on the menu – plenty of fresh eggs from pastured hens eating a high-omega, non-corn or soy certified organic diet, superb grass-fed and finished beef from Heartsong Farm and pork from R Patch O Heaven raised on grass-fed dairy and high-omega, non-corn or soy certified organic diet.

Berry Patch Farms
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We are a tobacco-free and cannabis-free farm. Please leave your pets at home.