Children's Birthday Parties

Birthday parties are offered on Saturdays only in June, August & September. The following information applies.

Here is a different way to celebrate your child's birthday. For $7.00/child (party invitees) you can use our picnic tables/pick a pint of berries/have a hayride and watch a video clip pertaining to agriculture. If you wish to decorate, have at it. If you wish to provide organized games feel free to do so. Parents and siblings will only be charged for berries/produce picked.

Birthday parties are offered Sat. from 9-4pm during the months of June, August & September.


We have refrigerators and freezers to store the food & drink items you wish to bring - no extra charge.

Questions? Email Tim at

birthday girl at Berry Patch Farms

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We are a tobacco-free and cannabis-free farm. Please leave your pets at home.