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The 2017 CSA Enrollment Period Will Close April 1st.

Berry Patch Farms Winter Produce

Berry Patch Farms Winter Market is open Saturdays 10am-2pm. Check with us by calling 303 659-5050 in case of inclement weather. We offer our certified organic produce to those seeking seasonal high quality, locally grown, flavorful and nutritious food. Our market is filled with simple, delicious and healthful recipes. We cook with what we grow so we are able to offer tips on preparation, use and storage. For those interested, we also offer Heartsong Farms’ superb grass-fed and grass-finished beef that is totally free from all chemicals or hormones, Sweet Pickle Farm delicious farm-fresh eggs from pastured chickens fed a certified organic, corn and soy-free diet, whole chickens that were pastured on untreated grass and also fed the same organic corn and soy-free diet, local honey and more. We are a pick-up site for the awesome raw milk produced at R Patch O’ Heaven dairy.

Our fresh greens are raised in our hoophouse, also known as a high tunnel. It is unheated except for our high altitude sunshine. The crops are grown in the soil and covered at night for freeze protection and uncovered each morning for sunlight exposure. It is a labor of love that produces greens of exceptional quality. Typically available are frost-sweetened kale, mustard greens, chard, bok choy, spinach, arugula and BPF Blend – a proprietary blend of delicious and nutritious greens for salads and braising.

Barn Store February Hours: 10am-2pm

Berry Patch Farms


  • multi-colored carrots – high in anti-oxidants and sugars.
  • celeriac – nutty celery flavor for soups, remoulade, roasting and as a long-keeping celery substitute. Wonderful with potatoes.
  • cabbage – dense and sweet. keeps very well. Red, green and savoy are offered. The winter green cabbage makes excellent sauerkraut.
  • beets – excellent sweet flavor for steaming, roasting and pickling.
  • sunchokes – tubers native to the U.S., they have the texture of jicama or water chestnuts but are sweeter. Very high in potassium and low in calories. Delicious in soups and are excellent raw or roasted.
  • leeks – delicate onion favor for soups, roasting, gratins and more. Ours offer a large portion of white shank.
  • parsnips – wonderful nutty sweet flavor for roasting, glazing and soups.
  • rutabagas – sweet cabbage-y flavor and nutrition, excellent paired with potatoes.
  • garlic and shallots – varieties grown for flavor!
  • onions – these are especially high in sugars, wonderful for caramelizing or roasting and general purpose.
  • potatoes - Yukon Gold from Strohauer Farms, our neighbor to the north in LaSalle. They specialize in potatoes and these are a delicious all-purpose variety.

Winter Squashes:

  • butternut have a sweet flavor and smooth texture for roasting, salads, soups and pastas.
  • sugar dumpling are sweet single serving squash for roasting as a simple side dish or for stuffing.
  • acorn are a much-loved favorite for roasting or stuffing.
  • delicata are an extra sweet heirloom delicious for roasting or slicing.
  • blue hubbard have a sweet, nutty flavor for soups, roasting and pies.
  • spaghetti have flesh that is a delicious pasta substitute.


  • Tomatoes: use these for cooking and avoid paying for shipping and the BPA in canned goods. Ours are vine-ripe and grown for flavor.
    • Beefsteak: rinse with hot water and the skin slips off readily. Perfect for soups and stews, casseroles and more.
    • Roma: extra-high in lycopene for health. great for sauce. cover with boiling water for a few minutes and they will pop right out of their skins.
    • San Marzano: the seed for this is imported from Italy for richly flavored sauces.
  • green beans, romano beans and yellow wax beans - use these in soups and for saute and steaming.
  • okra - our tender and flavorful variety.
  • chilis - our freshly harvested and roasted chilis.

Additionally: Great Harvest Bread Company freshly ground certified organic whole wheat flour, kept frozen to preserve nutrients and prevent the formation of oxidants; Ela Organic Orchards dried fruit and applesauce; Tumbleweed locally crafted and handmade soaps and soy candles; Caramel Apple Farm handmade goat’s milk soap, laundry and shaving soaps; dried flowers and more!

The 2017 CSA Enrollment Period Will Close April 1st.

Weekly Update

Feb. 24th, 2017

Is it Winter or Spring - We are confused!


The North wind has blown hard against tender Spring and she has fled South to waft her gentle breezes and coax the grass to green, trees to bud and flowers in to bloom. We long for her return as we wait out the current reign of Winter yet again. Ah, but she has left us with a promise of her coming again. Succulent greens in the hoophouse are the evidence of her lovely visit. The lovely salad mix, bok choy and other young plants are growing in the safe comfort of the greenhouse just waiting for their moment in her warm sunshine.

Our Market will be open again, Saturday, the 25th of February, from 10 am until 2 pm with those lovely greens – tender and sweet spinach, kale, chard, arugula and mustard greens. All of the other offerings like delicious cabbages, carrots, beets, leeks, sweet onions and more remain available for warming and nutritious meals. Heartsong Farms superb grass-fed and finished beef remains on special yet this week for National Heart month. Their stew meat and fajita meat are both tender and flavorful for pairing with our veggies.

New this (early) spring – we have wildflower seed mixes, hand selected for our Colorado climate by a local seed company. March is the perfect time for sowing them as many of the flower seeds germinate best with freeze-thaw cycles and some moisture. Check them out for a spot of color that is bee and beneficial insect friendly.

We welcome your visit to our market for a taste of Spring even as the North wind blows.