Pick-Your-Own, Farm Market & CSA

Weekly Update

August 21st, 2015


Of all the vegetables and fruits that we grow, melons are one of my favorites. I seed them in the greenhouse, three seeds to a cell, 72 cells to a tray, place them on heat mats to keep them cozy for germination and then joyfully watch them emerge. After transplanting into the field, I watch as they slowly spread their wings and a few yellow blossoms begin to appear. Suddenly, the bees discover them and on a warm July morning, a faint buzzing can be heard as the bees carry pollen from the male flowers to the female flowers. I watch as tiny fruits expand under the canopy of leaves and wait for the fruits to begin showing the characteristics of their type. "Oh, here are the muskmelon, the charantais, the Israeli Perfume"...and all of the others. At last, the dark green begins to lighten and ripe fruit glows golden against the green. Their honeyed scent lingers in the air. Melon madness has begun!

In anticipation of the berry season that is nearly upon us, and with an increasing assortment of our field fresh produce, our market hours are expanding. Beginning tomorrow, Saturday August 22nd, we will be open:

TUES./THURS/SAT: 8am until 4pm
WEDNESDAY: 3pm until 6pm
NOTE: All berry fields close at 1pm. when in season

Currently, pick your own offerings include:
Pickling cucumbers at peak production and quality typically through to mid-September.
Flowers and sunflowers in all their glory.
Basils for every use including fresh, pesto, Thai, cinnamon, purple, lemon and lime.
Strawberries and raspberries: almost but not just yet!

Our market is filled with tomatoes, salsa verde bags, the first wave of melons (Israeli Perfume and Ananas), peppers are finally making an entrance more earnestly, tender greens, sweet beets, all manner of zucchini and cucumbers and so much more! The grass-fed beef from Heartsong Farm is the finest we have ever had the privilege of consuming.

We offer bulk pricing on tomatoes (beefsteak and roma), as well as beans. Beans are available now, tomatoes in just a week or so. Tis the season to stock up!

We invite you to join us for melon madness and the beauty and abundance of the season! Enjoy!


Raspberries are almost ready for picking!