Pick-Your-Own, Farm Market & CSA

Weekly Update

April 22, 2016

Open Saturday 10am-12 noon

Ah, the joys and woes of spring on the farm. Raspberries are up and running, the plum trees perfuming the air, the hoophouse is filled with a final “winter” hoorah of beautiful greens while their summer replacements are growing in the greenhouse and weeds are sprouting everywhere. There are strawberries to plant, beds to be pulled, seeds waiting to be planted... Moisture is a blessing but wet soil keeps us out of the fields. The days are much longer but not long enough! Meanwhile, we take joy in birdsong and the sun shining through new leaves, chicken antics and watching as seeds sprout and grow.

Yes, there are greens – a virtual forest of them, fresh and flavorful. Kale, kalini, spinach, mustard greens, salad mix, baby kale, super-tender chard along with fresh mint and cilantro and some bok choy will be offered. The greens are quite plentiful now. The fresh eggs from Sweet Pickle Farm are as plentiful as the greens. Frittatas with any of the spring greens paired with sweet bullhorn peppers and a little cheese make simple and delicious spring suppers. Finely chopped chard is wonderful in tuna salad. Pasta with cannellini beans, tomatoes and kale is another favorite. The mustard greens are delicious as a simple saute with a dash of crushed red pepper. Pair them with pasta or a whole grain like quinoa or farro.

Our market will be open this Saturday, the 23rd of April, from 10 am until 2 pm. You will find a plethora of the above mentioned greens, eggs and much more to enjoy. Our spring fling sale is on. The weather this Saturday looks to be much more pleasant this week than the last! You are invited to join us for a taste of spring.